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Our program topics are currently being curated by your peers. Please email us if you want to have input or to be alerted when the program is ready.
ChatGPT: How AI is influencing Curriculum “Lean Into Change”
From Inclusion to Empowerment: Promoting DEI in Leadership
Cybersecurity: Arming your District from Internal & External Threats
Hiring and Retaining the Right Staff: Can an ERP Help Achieve This
Digital Privacy in the Classroom: Safeguarding Your Students
Navigating Curriculum Politics: Strategies for Success
Bridging the Gap: Innovative Approaches to Math & Reading Education
The Rise of E-Sports: Exploring its Potential in Your District
Building Digital Citizenship: Best Practices for Educators

Our programs are structured to maximize your time away from the office and ensure you leave with actionable ideas and new relationships to explore.

Our typical program format incudes equal parts:

  • Thought Leadership

  • Executive Meetings

  • Workshops

  • Collaborative Roundtables

  • Evening Networking Activities
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2023 Program Highlights
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