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Our program topics are currently being curated by your peers. Please email us if you want to have input or to be alerted when the program is ready.
Elevating Literacy: Sparking Engagement for Every Learner in the 21st Century
Data-Driven Decision-Making: Leveraging Analytics for Educational Insights
Cultivating Social and Emotional Learning for Student and Staff Empowerment
AI Integration Unplugged: Elevating Classroom Dynamics with a Dash of Smart Tech
Breathing New Life into Aging School Infrastructure with Rightsizing and Repurposing
Rapid Response to Threats: Effective Strategies for Active Shooter Scenarios and Crisis Communication
Defending Learning Environments: Techniques for School Building Hardening and Access Control

Our programs are structured to maximize your time away from the office and ensure you leave with actionable ideas and new relationships to explore.

Our typical program format incudes equal parts:

  • Thought Leadership

  • Executive Meetings

  • Workshops

  • Collaborative Roundtables

  • Evening Networking Activities
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Past Program Highlights
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