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Our program topics are currently being curated by your peers. Please email us if you want to have input or to be alerted when the program is ready.
Recruitment & Retention Best Practices on a Tight Budget
Assessment Changes & Innovations
DEI: Creating a Welcoming Environment so that ALL Students/ Staff can Thrive
Supporting the New Generation
Successful Leadership Strategies
Student Readiness for College, Career & Life
Maintaining the Superintendency
School Violence: Risks, Policies, and Prevention
Creating Flexible Learning Environments to Promote Student Wellness
The Supply Chain Crisis: Managing Construction and Material Costs
Emergency Response Training & Threat Assessments
Designing for the Future: Green Schools & Renewable Energy

Our programs are structured to maximize your time away from the office and ensure you leave with actionable ideas and new relationships to explore.

Our typical program format incudes equal parts:

  • Thought Leadership

  • Executive Meetings

  • Workshops

  • Collaborative Roundtables

  • Evening Networking Activities
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2023 Program Highlights
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