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RTM Congresses are private, intimate professional networking events which are carefully curated to foster collaborative engagement and professional development across key business sectors. Our programs combine user-generated content, interactive strategy sessions and tactical supplier engagement to create a dynamic learning environment.

Our goal is to bring industry leaders together to tackle challenges, build relationships, and share tangible, best practice that lead to sustainable change.

One of the Best Conference I have attended in a long time, the keynote speakers were inspiring in a time where things have become harder and harder. Vendors addressed all the items I have been looking for in the coming year. Strategy session and Roundtable where spot on and meeting fellow school administrators and educators that have the same concerns and troubles. The accommodation where topnotch and the servers and staff were first-class. Thanks for motivating me for the rest of the school year.

Information Technology Director, South Kingstown School, RI


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Our speaking faculty is comprised of the most innovative, forward-thinking leaders in the industry. Each session is thoughtfully curated by the Speaker(s) and our Content Producers to ensure the topics are both relevant and timely.

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